Version Alpha


Saturday, Dec. 10th
in flux performance series
FivE Myles Gallery


A Part of the BRIC Biennial


The Future Perfect is a mendbending, heartrending exploration of what happens when life doesn't go as planned. Two researchers from the year 2152 utilize newly developed time travel technology to study the humans of 45,000 BC. But when equipment failure strands them in the Paleolithic, cut off from everyone and everything they once knew, scientific rules of conduct break down and the messiness of life explodes around them.

This "Alpha Version" of the play will be the result of an intensive two-week workshop incorporating research on the Paleolithic and speculation about the future into improvs, compositions, and discussions.


Created By

Adam Scott Mazer, Dan Rogers, Bridget Alex, Manvir Singh and the performers:

Jenna Horton
Benoît Johnson
Victoria Nassif
David Rudi Utter