[sixsixsix,] a wickedly cunning take on Faust, crackle[s] with energy, spark, and wit. Given that you’re essentially in an abandoned warehouse, the “anything could happen” atmosphere amplifies this show into absolutely must-see terriftory. We’ll leave it there; to say anything else would be to spoil the brilliant fever-dream you’re in for.
— Favorpill Editor Pick
This frightening and fascinating experience will make you feel like you’ve been missing something even if you’re a regular devotee of downtown independent theater… I left wishing I had the chance to see more daring and thrilling theater such as this and I think you will too
— NYTheatre.com

by Gregory S. Moss
Directed by Dan Rogers
Set Design: Pete Fallon
Lighting Design: Jonathan Cottle
Costume Design: Bevan Dunbar & Karen Boyer
Sound Design: Michael Costagliola


Photos by Flordelino Lagundino and John Kalish