Immersive theater is here to stay. And THE TOWER is defining why. Presented by AntiMatter at HERE Arts Center, this sensory adventure with the Donner Party is everything immersive experience should be. Director Philip Gates and his extraordinary team transformed the space into a hauntingly magical Donner Lake where the past and present collide. Young artists who want to tackle the immersive world will need to strive to reach the glory of this production.
— Theater in the Now's Best of 2015
MOTHERBOARD is never boring, and provokes an edge-of-the-seat tension that holds up for hours. Fans of horror and suspense will love the action, while the play also asks speculative questions about the rightful use of technology alongside those of love, family, and politics.
— io9
“This frightening and fascinating experience will make you feel like you’ve been missing something even if you’re a regular devotee of downtown independent theater… I left [SIXSIXSIX] wishing I had the chance to see more daring and thrilling theater such as this and I think you will too.”
— Indie Theatre Now Critic's Pick
“Thanks to a cunning transposition of genre conventions, the Western-zombie mash-up DEATH VALLEY comes off tighter than Dick’s hatband… [It] delivers the merciless body count essential to zombie tales, with agreeably putrid gore effects eliciting waves of groaning delight from the audience.”
— Backstage Critic's Pick