The creators of Motherboard will not be bested when it comes to imagination, creativity and ingenuity. Antimatter Collective serves up a production that is not only visually striking but also comes with a meaty plot and rich characters… Mazer does it with all the skill and style of some of science fiction’s greatest writers… Sci-fi theater at its very best.
“Motherboard” has the distinction of being the most violent stage production I’ve ever seen… Watch as android skin is peeled back to reveal circuitry; watch out for sudden bloodsplatters. The ring of gunshots and the smell of smoke from blanks fills the air.
I’ve seen indie theater productions that utilize cap guns or fake blood, but never both and never so deftly and violently that you don’t notice the moment of artifice between the fake gunshot and the fake flesh and blood that goes spattering.

Written by Adam Scott Mazer
Directed by Will Fulton
Set Design: Jonathan Collins
Costume Design: Karen Boyer and Bevan Dunbar
Lighting Design: Alana Jacoby
Props Design: Danielle Baskin
Sound Design: Colin Fulton